Friday, March 6, 2009

The art of procrastination...

So, I am a procrastinator. It's not an age thing. I used to think it was. I thought in high school it was because I was distracted by boyfriends, tv or something. In university I was distracted by friends, boys again and our busy partying schedule. Now, here I am. Really, I should know better. I know allllll the reasons to do things ahead of time. I'm obsessed with time. I have issues with LATE. Trust me, I think about things and doing them in a timely manner all the time. I just don't. So today, I accept that I am a procrastinator.
Take for instance this blog entry. Unnecessary. I could be working but I felt compelled to explain this epiphany that I've had. Really. Anyone who knows me, knows that I procrastinate.
Knowing I have this report to write causes me the conflict of obsession with lateness and procrastination. I WANT to make rice pudding... don't ask. I just do. I feel as though I NEED to read this article in my latest Reading Teacher magazine. I would LOVE to coordinate the latest "girls weekend" photos into a lovely blog entry. But what I really HAVE TO DO is get this bloody report done. UGH. I will never learn.
And lastly, how can I concentrate when clearly this is on my mind...

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