Saturday, February 7, 2009

Right Now I'm ...

1. Sipping a great cup of coffee at the kitchen table!

2. Watching Shawn attempt to be the computer geek he'd love to be, by setting up the new laptop.

3. Listening to Ryan Seacrest Top 40 stuff.

4. Attempting to stay clear of Gavin while he plays LEGO Star Wars... too addictive!

5. Planning my "girfriends" meal for Monday night.

6. Procrasinating doing my practicum report for my course...ick.

7. Fighting the tickle in my throat.

8. Trying not to get all hooked on reading blogs right now.

9. Anxiously awaiting a snuggle on the big chair with my new magazines!

10. Wearing all black comfy clothes... that smell like VICKS vapour rub!

11. Eating toast with grape jam.

12. Loving fresh dry cleaning.

13. Looking forward to the skating carnival.

14. Dreading sitting in a cold rink.

15. Secretly hoping for freezing rain so we can't go anywhere!

16. Thinking that syncing our blackberry calendars might be fun!

17. Looking for a little inspiration.

18. Wondering where Paula has been? And how she's doing?

19. Wanting a new cute outfit!

20. Loving this cup of coffee.

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