Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Getting caught up

Good thing coughing up a lung doesn't affect the blog. Really. I'm getting all the blogging in that everyone has been after me about. Who knew people would actually read this and care if I kept it up to date. I can relate as I read several blogs daily. Quite addictive really.
So, I am going back a bit here but thought it was about time to share the newest tradition for our family- Labour Day Weekend Camping Trip at Quinte Isles. We LOVE it there (back at the lake of course). Now, obviously this year was exceptional as it was PERFECT weather! Not always the way on this particular weekend.
Shawn and I decided to go there and leave an open invitation for others to join. We knew the Vanslykes would join us but really it was up in the air for the rest. Happily, we were surprised to have many family and friends join us.

-Dog Fight (well, not really a good highlight but a highlight none the less)
-Poker (with Derek being the big winner- who knew?)
-Frog catching with Blair (Gavin's fave)
-Campfire sing-a-long with Sam (This old man- the new favourite)
-Badminton matches
-Delicious Food!
-lots of good drinks
-Kite Flying (thanks again Vanslykes for the great bday gift!)
-The kids playing so happily and having such a great time
-Gavin falling asleep fireside
-quality time with our family and friends

Thanks guys! It was great to have such a good turnout. We loved all the company!
See you all next year!

NOTE: MARTHA is talking about blogs on her show today!

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